provides an easy, fun and quick way to seek help with your studies from anywhere during anytime of the day
Help us enrich your education and benefit through helping and learning from your peers through snapping pictures!

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Learning to Learn and Grow.

At EduSnap, we feel that we learn best when stumbling and helping each other up along the way. We want to provide this experience and journey where everyone can seek knowledge and help from one another with their studies.

We hope to remove all social and physical boundaries between people helping each other through our mobile application and make it enjoyable along the process.

We are on a Social Mission.

EduSnap was founded on the basis of providing everyone an equal opportunity to education and help whenever they need it.

We are strongly dedicated to help students from low-income families and will do our best to help them get the education they desire.


Like us, our 13 tuition centre partners are dedicated to our same cause and believe that learning and seeking help should be easily accessible to everyone. These tutors and educators onboard the platform are highly trained individual that includes Ex-MOE HODs, Ex-MOE teachers, Scholars and Professional educators with proven track record in teaching.

Through us, our tuition centre partners will be able to reach out to thousands of students and many beneficiaries from our community partners. Do you believe or want to aid us in our cause? Do you want to be able to reach out to more students in the community? We would love to hear from you!

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Our Partners

We are a social enterprise and we actively partner 4 voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and community projects to reach out to as many needy students as we can.

These are some of the ongoing initiatives we have at the moment:
1. Centres with a Heart (Pro Bono tuition classes)
2. Bishops with a Heart (volunteer mobile tutors)

Would you like to be a part of one of our initiatives? Or do you have an exciting initiative in mind that you think we could explore together? Wait no more and let us know now!

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EduSnap was made possible with the support and guidance of our following stakeholders:

Social Enterprise Association (SE Association)

SE Association is an umbrella organisation tasked with the role of promoting social entrepreneurship and social enterprise in Singapore, so as to bring about positive social impact and an inclusive community among Singaporeans. It will focus on supporting peer-learning within the social enterprise community, providing capacity-building programmes and business services, and fostering synergistic partnerships among key stakeholders, namely government, businesses and people sector to build up individual enterprises and the sector at large.  A good part of this work is conducted by the Social Enterprise Development Centre (SEDC) set up by the SE Association.

Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

EduSnap is supported by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), and received funding through the ACE Start-ups Grant.

Do you feel good helping others? Do you believe that education should not just be the responsibility of our teachers? Do you have an overpowering belief that everyone who wants to learn should be given that chance and easily?

If any of these has struck a chord with you, we would love to have you join us.

It does not matter if you are a student, tutor or teacher, or anyone. As long as you possess an iPhone or an Android device and would like to help out on the platform. Join us as a Bishop today!

Even if you just have the desire to help but you’re not sure how, just leave us a message. Together, we will work this out and provide opportunities for everyone to learn and grow not only with their studies, but also with themselves.

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