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Who are we?

EduSnap is a social enterprise that aims to provide a platform for like-minded, passionate educators to come together to aid parents and students learn better and faster.

Our Social Mission?

Unprecedented jobs creation for disadvantaged groups and provision of free academic support to students and parents.

Why we do what we do?

We know how challenging it is for parents to come back after a hard day’s work to face all the crazy school questions thrown at them. We want to help lessen the pain and also believe that when parents understand the concepts shared, they will be able to teach their children more effectively.

Likewise for students, diligently doing homework daily helps one keep up with the pace in school. But whom can you then turn to after school hours? We believe that the key to doing well is constant revision and we want students to be able to ask from anywhere and at anytime of the day.



EduSnap Singapore in collaboration Social Enterprise Association, established the EduSnap - Social Enterprise Association Scholarship in 2015 with the aim to encourage full-time students to strive for and achieve academic excellence while bringing about social changes. It will be offered to individuals whom have the leadership qualities and passion to drive social change in the education scene. Social Enterprise Association is one of the one-stop support centre for social enterprises that aims to provide more robust support to social enterprises so as to boost the social scene in Singapore.

Commencing Academic Year 2015, 5 Scholarships will be awarded to students from tertiary schools and 5 Scholarships to students from secondary schools.

Each Scholarship is tenable for one year, subject to the recipient’s continued observance of the eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions of award.


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